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People with disability

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has seen increasing attention to people with disability. At the core of this is the local government. They play a vital role in ensuring that people with disability get the necessary attention and enjoy increased access and inclusion.

Over the years, various plans have emerged as a result of local governments actions to increase the social and economic condition of people with disability. This resource provides an overview of these various areas.

What Our Resource Covers

Our resources cover the following areas:


Driving inclusion involves determining the appropriate area to focus on. However, this cannot be effective by determining the needs of people with disability through mere speculation. It is necessary to understand these exact needs through consultation with the concerned parties. In turn, it becomes important that local governments engage people with disability to determine their needs.


One aspect of driving inclusion and accessibility for people with disability is through planning. However, it is not just about planning; it involves strategic planning that ensures that the local government can identify community needs and respond to these needs appropriately. Today, various local governments across Australia are mandated to develop and provide a workable plan to achieve its goal of inclusion.


To achieve institutional goals, two things are vital – strong institutions and a strong workforce. However, in most cases, there is hardly sufficient resources for local governments to achieve their goal. In turn, to make economic inclusion for individuals with disability work, it becomes necessary for local governments to maximise the strength of the community at large.


The place of collaboration in every successful enterprise cannot be overestimated. This is also the case in the bid to improve the social and economic conditions of people with disability. Various stakeholders exist across different levels, and it becomes the responsibility of the local governments to seek out this collaboration, build networks, and partner with relevant stakeholders in a bid to achieve their goal.


Over the years, it has become glaring more than ever that local governments cann0t get the work done all alone. Instead, they need all members of the community well aware of the needs and peculiarities of individuals with a disability. In turn, it becomes the responsibility of local governments to advocate for improved awareness, consideration, and understanding of people with disability.


Today, local governments across various communities represent the major employer of labour. In turn, this makes them most suitable to attend to the employment needs of people with disability. They can easily equip individuals with a disability with the appropriate opportunities that allow them to belong to the workforce.

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