Building Partnerships and Networks for the Future 

The place of collaboration in every successful enterprise cannot be overestimated. This is also the case in the bid to improve the social and economic conditions of people with disability. Various stakeholders exist across different levels, and it becomes the responsibility of the local governments to seek out this collaboration, build networks, and partner with relevant stakeholders in a bid to achieve their goal.

Local governments cannot respond to every issue directly. For instance, local governments remain incapable of providing disability services to individuals. Regardless, such disability services remain paramount if local governments must establish a safe and inclusive environment for people with disability. In turn, it becomes necessary that local governments establish not only partnerships with relevant bodies but a strong partnership.

This partnership which might be at the local, state, regional and national level will enable the movement to enjoy positive relationships. In turn, this positive relationships will ensure that the stakeholders can gain insight through the local government’s knowledge and proximity to the target audience. In turn, the local governments will benefit from access to resources that enable it to meet its short and long term plans. Consequently, people with disability will enjoy the best possible environment to witness inclusion.

Beyond this, these partnerships and collaboration must be largely organisation based. This is because organisation based partnerships enjoy better structure which allows it to reach its goals more efficiently. This becomes even more important where the essence of the collaboration is to gain expertise. In turn, local governments must ensure that they collaborate with NGOs, level of governments, and business on an organisational level. Even more, it will guarantee the stability and continued existence of such a relationship.

Over the years, local governments continue to collaborate across various levels through the following means to achieve their goals.

Building Strong Networks

One way through which local governments have recorded significant success in recent times is through building strong networks. This strong network involves collaboration with nongovernmental organisations both nationally and internationally. This relationship ensures that local governments can gain better insight into the needs of their communities. 

Even more, it ensures that the impact and reach of the strategies, programs, and policies of local governments become more glaring more than ever. In turn, this accelerates the road to an inclusive community that meets the needs of people with disability. 

Now, these networks begin with the invitation of disability service providers into an advisory committee. Typically, this committee will include more than one provider. These providers, in turn, bring both expertise and experience that makes the task easier than ever. It also ensures that there can be a transfer of information to the necessary groups who need to take action.

Partnership with State Governments

Another way through which state governments have seen improvements in their activities is through partnerships with the state government. This partnership takes the form of funding and allows local governments to obtain the necessary grant. In other cases, it also extends to consultation with state governments about action plans.